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If you are planning to visit Japan, I strongly recommend this pocket book written by American EMT for Japanese EMTs. This pocket book was written for Japanese EMTs to help communicate with non Japanese speaking patients in English. In case of emergency, even though you are unable to tell your situations, you can just open the book and point out your situation. There are over 400 phrases in English and Japanese.

Thank you, Andrea!!
I hope that these pieces could reach your soul.
Thanks for the recommendation!
私の一番好きなお土産は食べ物だと「舟和の芋ようかん」です。でもあまり日持ちがしない生菓子なので、日本へ来たときにホテルで食べることをお勧めします。ようかんという名前ですが、あんこは入っていなくて、日本風のスウィートポテトのような味です。それから、私のハワイの家族や友達に人気なのは定番の「白い恋人」と「ガトーフェスタハラダのラスク」です。 ;D
Is the kanji pronounced Nihon or Nippon? What is the difference between the two pronunciations? Thank you.
Thank you.

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