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Advanced Japanese: Learn Facts about Japan's Prefectures

Free Japanese Quizzes Every Day—Learn Japanese Online for Free!

Here's a free advanced Japanese quiz from the expert teachers at Nihongo-Pro. New quizzes are available every day at several skill levels. Take the Nihongo-Pro quiz challenge every day, from your PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad, iPod, or tablet, and learn Japanese online for free!

Do you know which of Japan's 47 prefectures produces the most rice? How about which one has more islands than any other prefecture? Learn the answers with this fun, free Japanese quiz.

If you have been studying Japanese for a while, you might start feeling it get harder and harder to see your progress. Don't despair—just keep practicing, at least a few minutes every day, and your Japanese skill will improve steadily.

The free daily quizzes at Nihongo-Pro are a simple, effective addition to your Japanese study plan. Make an appointment with yourself to take the advanced Japanese quiz every day. Register for free, and you can track your progress, and retake all your past quizzes, too.

If you want to take your Japanese ability to the next level, why not consider private online lessons at Nihongo-Pro? Our professional Japanese teachers take your goals seriously, and promise to do their utmost to help you achieve them. Even though our tuition is among the most affordable anywhere, we reward our hard-working teachers with higher pay compared to other online Japanese schools. The result is unbeatable online lessons for you.

We hope to meet you in an online Japanese lesson soon. In the meantime, all the teachers at Nihongo-Pro wish you the best of luck in your Japanese studies.



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