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How to Enroll in Private Lessons
Complete the New Student Enrollment Form. We will then send you a link to a trial-lesson questionnaire.
After you fill out the questionnaire, we will match you with a Nihongo-Pro teacher and set up a trial lesson at no charge.
If you like your trial lesson, buy lesson tickets to continue learning Japanese online.
Each ticket, good for one 50-minute private lesson with the same teacher who taught your trial lesson, costs US $28 to $35, depending on how many tickets you buy.
Message from a Nihongo-Pro Student
Nihongo-Pro tailors my lessons for my specific needs.
Before I discovered Nihongo-Pro, I was faced with an apparently unsolvable dilemma: I had a background in modern Japanese, but I needed to learn how to read Japanese texts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries for a research project. I could not, however, find any resources for reading this kind of text.

Before I started, I had no idea how much the Japanese language had changed in the past century in terms of grammar and kanji use. Working at a small university without a developed Japanese program, I was not sure where to turn for help for acquiring such a specific set of Japanese skills.

Although my situation was unusual, Nihongo-Pro was more than happy to find a teacher who could help me. Fujiwara-sensei has been an amazing resource. She helped me to find Japanese books on how to read texts written in my period of study and formulate a study plan. She has time and again patiently helped me to tackle even the most difficult texts, and I am deeply grateful for the extensive preparation she has done before each online lesson.

Nihongo-Pro is more than a resource for passing the JLPT; it can flexibly accommodate a wide variety of individual Japanese language instruction needs for students anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

(student of Fujiwara-sensei)
Message from a Nihongo-Pro Student
I have an eye-opening moment almost every lesson.
First, I really appreciate Yamafuji-sensei’s ability to motivate and challenge a busy, working person like me. She keeps the pacing, workload, and material challenging and flexible when needed.

Next, Yamafuji’s sense for the student’s language ability is a great asset for anyone wanting to make the leap from intermediate to advanced. She has a way of imparting general rules and subtleties of the language in memorable ways. I feel I have an eye-opening moment almost every lesson.

Finally, it’s clear Nihongo-Pro has put some thought into the development of the online classroom tool and material. Reading materials, visual examples, quick dictionary definitions and more make the classroom an engaging experience.

Nathan K.
(student of Yamafuji-sensei)
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