Private Lessons at a Glance

Private lessons at Nihongo-Pro are the fastest, most effective way to learn Japanese online.

Your Nihongo-Pro teacher is an experienced professional, expertly trained for your online lesson. With our teachers around the world, we can offer private lessons that will fit your schedule.

Features in Detail Private Japanese lessons

Experienced Japanese teachers
Our careful selection process and paid teacher training ensure the highest quality one-on-one instruction.
Customized to your Japanese learning goals
Your Nihongo-Pro teacher will build lesson plans tailored to your goals and learning style. There is no faster, more effective way to learn Japanese online.
Free lessons with the ProPoints loyalty program
  • Get points for every paid lesson you take.
  • Use your points for free lessons and lesson discounts.
Buy any number of tickets
  • Only Nihongo-Pro lets you buy any number of tickets (1 to 100), rather than forcing you into fixed-size ticket packages.
  • Lesson tickets are good for 3 to 12 months, depending on how many tickets you buy.
  • After that, if you need more time to take your lessons, low-cost extensions are available.
Free extras at Nihongo-Pro
  • Reserve lessons up to 30 days in advance.
  • Most teachers send a follow-up email after each lesson, which you can use for extra study and review. (See teacher profiles for details.)
  • Chat with fellow students in our free 24/7 video chat room.
  • Brush up on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji, and more with our free Japanese quizzes. New quizzes are offered every day, always 100% free.
  • Improve your Japanese reading skills with free kanji and kana games. Animated stroke order for over 6,000 kanji characters, too.
Email with your teacher privately
  • You can exchange emails with your Nihongo-Pro teacher. Other online schools may restrict communication outside of lessons between students and teachers.
  • All we ask is that you respect your teacher’s time. In most cases, your teacher will respond to any lesson-related questions at your next lesson.

Private Lesson Schedule

This schedule shows when you can take private Japanese lessons.

Our teachers live around the world, so we can offer private Japanese lessons virtually 24 hours a day. Choose your level and see the times and teachers that best fit your schedule.

There is no need to choose a particular teacher—we will match you based on your desired lesson times, level, and learning goals. Your private lessons will be taught by that one teacher.

At the upper beginner level and above, you can also take coordinated private lessons from two or more Nihongo-Pro teachers.

Choose your time zone:
Do you want a teacher who speaks your language?
All of our teachers speak Japanese natively and use the direct method of teaching (except if you have never studied Japanese), which means instruction is in Japanese as much as possible. If you prefer a teacher who speaks another language, choose below:
Teacher's Instructional Language:
All Levels
IntroductoryNever studied Japanese
JLPT N5Lower beginner level of the JLPT test
JLPT N4Upper beginner level of the JLPT test
JLPT N3Lower intermediate level of the JLPT test
JLPT N2Upper intermediate level of the JLPT test
JLPT N1Advanced level of the JLPT test
Lesson TimeSunMonTueWedThuFriSat
Lesson TimeSunMonTueWedThuFriSat
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