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Online classroom designed for learning Japanese

iPadOS 15 Users: Before using the classroom, a small change to your Safari settings is required.
Complete the classroom setup, if this is your first visit.
The Nihongo-Pro classroom is a better learning environment than Skype chat, with these custom features designed specifically for online Japanese lessons:
  • ProPad™ helps you learn to write Japanese
  • Built-in Japanese-English dictionary
  • Large whiteboard for presenting lesson materials
  • Teacher-directed audio playback (great for listening comprehension)
  • Easy to use, nothing to install. Log in from your browser.
Online Japanese classroom
Message from a Nihongo-Pro Student
Nakano-sensei is a very experienced teacher and caters to the individual needs of students.
I am an adult beginner and have been studying Japanese with Nakano-sensei twice a week since early 2020. Attending lessons from the comfort of home is convenient and time-saving. The set-up at Nihongo-Pro is awesome. The quality of sound and teaching materials feels no different from being in a ‘live’ classroom.

My focus is on conversational Japanese. Until the pandemic hit, I was a frequent traveller to Japan, especially to the island of Hokkaido. During class, Sensei discusses Japanese food, shopping and other activities, teaching me useful phrases for future trips. It doesn’t feel like a lesson at all (in a good way). I hope to use all that she has imparted to me on my next visit to Japan, whenever that might be!

Susan L.
(student of Michiko NAKANO)
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