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Our Japanese teachers are among the best you'll find, with professional training, government certification, and world-class experience.

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Message from a Nihongo-Pro Student
I recommend Fujiwara sensei's lessons to anyone at any age and any Japanese level.
I have been studying with Fujiwara sensei for several months—I truly love Fujiwara sensei and her classes. On the day we first met online for our class, she recommended the right textbooks for me and she already knew how to help me. Since then, I have been constantly taking her classes and I am able to practice my conversation with her and prepare for the JLPT N1 at the same time.

I was a Japanese language major back in college and I wanted to continue studying Japanese after I graduated.

I studied by myself for two years after I graduated since I could not find the right teacher. I wasn't a beginner so I really needed someone who could easily grasp my level of Japanese and help me prepare for the JLPT N1.

Steve, who helped me with the setup, was friendly and helpful, and answered my questions before the trial lesson. I really like how fast he responds to my e-mails.

Fujiwara sensei never stops encouraging me, and I can tell that she truly cares about my Japanese study and well-being. She is very good at answering questions as well: I ask a lot of questions regarding the vocabulary and grammar, and she always gives me the answer right away in an easy-to-understand way. She simply makes difficult materials so easy! :)

She is friendly, caring, and professional. I love the fact that she is my Japanese teacher and I will keep taking her class until I master the Japanese language! :)

Thank you Nihongo-Pro and thank you Fujiwara sensei!

Vicky L.
(student of Fujiwara-sensei)
  • Learn Japanese online in private lessons from an experienced Japanese teacher.
  • See and talk live to your teacher.
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Nihongo-Pro takes care of our teachers and students with great online Japanese lessons in our custom classroom for learning Japanese.


Whether your goal is to study Japanese for the JLPT, learn Nihongo for your job, learn basic Japanese, or learn Japanese online for fun, we promise Nihongo-Pro teachers will help you soar in Japanese.

Enrollment is free. You can get started learning Japanese online today!

Hiroba social forum

一昨日、皆がワクワクしてたのは新しいジョーカーの予告編が始まったからだ。ザ・ジョーカーが僕の一番大好きなマンガの悪役やで! でも、この予告編がとても面白いのは、マンガの話やけど迫真な演技があるからだ。予告編をご覧下さい!面白いやろ?ザ・ジョーカーhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_DJEzZk2pc
東京(とうきょう)は 桜(さくら)の満開(まんかい)が 発表(はっぴょう)されましたが、今日は 花曇り(はなぐもり)、花冷え(はなびえ)ですね。

俳句のべんきょうを していますか?
まだ満開ではありませんが、桜の種類によっては咲いています :)
シャーナさんは ゆっくりですが、正しい発音(はつおん)と文法(ぶんぽう)をつかって 話していますよ。ピアノをひいたり、作曲(さっきょく)したり、キルトが上手だったり、また小説(しょうせつ)を書いたり、ほんとうにいろいろなことができるので、いつも感心(かんしん)しています!
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