iPadOS 15 をご利用のようです。 クラスルームを使っていただく前には、Safariの設定変更 が必要です。
  • ProPad™の利用で、講師とともにその場で文字の練習(ひらがな、カタカナ、漢字の書き方を学習)。
  • 和英辞書搭載
  • レッスン教材を表示する大きなホワイトボード
  • 音源利用(聴解力アップに最適)
  • インストールの必要がない簡単な使い方。ブラウザーから直接クラスルームにログイン。
Online Japanese classroom
Arai-sensei and Nihongo-Pro have been integral to my Japanese studies.
My Japanese studies began by teaching myself Hiragana and Katakana. My vocabulary was limited and learning on my own proved to be difficult. In March 2020 I began studying Japanese with Arai-sensei through Nihongo-Pro. I have been taking two classes a week for around 8 months now with Arai-sensei and have been enjoying my Japanese classes quite a bit. Arai-sensei always has assigned homework which often includes writing a journal on a topic of my choice. These are always corrected promptly and e-mailed back to me.

I find writing the journal very useful as it allows me to express my experiences in Japanese and it makes it easy to identify mistakes I make while writing. The pace of the classes is appropriate and if I need more time on a certain Japanese grammar point Arai-sensei will make time for it. Being a foreign tourist, I also appreciate the occasional explanation of Japanese culture in conjunction with lessons.

Since I work evenings it is important to me to have a consistent schedule to learn and Nihongo-Pro allows me to do this while still maintaining flexibility when I occasionally need to make a change to the schedule. The Nihongo-Pro classroom is well designed and allows for a customized lesson. While I still have a long way to go with my Japanese studies, I look forward to continuing my learning with Arai-sensei through Nihongo-Pro.