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Online Japanese classroom
Tanoshima sensei is that one Japanese teacher I had been looking for.
First of all, to Nihongo-Pro and Tanoshima sensei: THANK YOU for existing. Nihongo-pro has become for me one of the best ever language schools and being a polyglot, I attended many over the years. I am both a learner and a teacher of foreign languages in my daily life.

Tanoshima sensei is that one Japanese teacher I had been looking for. I started my search in my local town and finished on the other side of the ocean.

You might think that polyglots have it easy, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, as it happened with me, having a large knowledge base requires a highly skilled teacher with very swift and quick train of thought being able to help you connect all the information you acquire intuitively and being able to help you build a solid foundation.

Tanoshima sensei conducts my Japanese lessons in such a masterful way that there is room for me as a student to use my language intuition, practice all the possible examples and variations of the words and sentences and step by step acquire more and more. I am very comfortable during these lessons, I am never rushed, and I have a lot of time practicing speaking, which is crucial for me in Japanese. Tanoshima sensei is a very responsive teacher—at my request she can help with finding a lot of unique information about Japan and even give an introduction to the modern Japanese poetry. I am very grateful that I can take lessons from Tanoshima sensei.

Nihongo-Pro. Wow. This is the first online learning platform with such a fantastic classroom! I have never come across a system so easy and convenient to use as the one provided by Nihongo-Pro. From the technical side, my teacher can choose a server that gives us the best possible connection speed, what gives the optimal connection speed no matter where you are and how unstable your connection is. From the practical side, the classroom platform is very easy to use and intuitive. This is the first time that I felt that distance learning can be comfortable and convenient.

Thank you once more to Tanoshima sensei and Nihongo-Pro: for existing, for finding the best of the best Japanese teachers and for staying up to date with modern technologies.