Online Japanese Classroom

An online classroom that's more than Skype chat.

Se è la prima volta che entri in classe, completa l'audio setup.
  • The Support Room works just like our real classrooms.
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The Nihongo-Pro classroom is a better learning environment than Skype chat, with these custom features designed specifically for online Japanese lessons:
  • ProPad™ helps you learn to write Japanese
  • Built-in Japanese-English dictionary
  • Large whiteboard for presenting lesson materials
  • Teacher-directed audio playback (great for listening comprehension)
  • Easy to use, nothing to install. Log in from your browser.
Online Japanese classroom
Messaggio da studente Nihongo-Pro
In all my years of learning, Nihongo-Pro has been the most efficient method!
I’ve been studying Japanese for about 7 years, and I wish I had discovered Nihongo Pro way earlier!

I actually live in Tokyo so I have access to many Japanese schools and private teachers here, but I found them to be a waste of time because group lessons would go either too fast or too slow for me, and even the private teachers I had here just stick to their own methods and didn’t feel flexible enough, not to mention that private lessons in person are way more expensive and there’s also commuting time and expenses to add to the bill.

Nihongo-Pro answers my needs because I can advance at a challenging but still personalized pace, so it feels truly productive and I am learning so much!

What amazes me the most is that for every lesson I get a summary email with what we covered, so that reviewing is super easy, clean and organized.

I have the pleasure to study with Nagata-sensei, who has been the most amazing teacher I ever had! Thanks to her I am very close to getting my first job in a Japanese company. She has prepared me for Japanese job interviews and I already passed 2 out of the 3. I truly couldn’t have done it without her.

Amaia B.
(studente di Nagata sensei)
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