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An online classroom that's more than Skype chat.

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The Nihongo-Pro classroom is a better learning environment than Skype chat, with these custom features designed specifically for online Japanese lessons:
  • ProPad™ helps you learn to write Japanese
  • Built-in Japanese-English dictionary
  • Large whiteboard for presenting lesson materials
  • Teacher-directed audio playback (great for listening comprehension)
  • Easy to use, nothing to install. Log in from your browser.
Online Japanese classroom
Messaggio da studente Nihongo-Pro
I have had many language teachers in my life, but Ogihara-sensei is the best of them all.
I’m Pablo Gutierrez from Chile, and I’ve been studying Japanese with Aki Ogihara sensei and Nihongo-Pro since 2019.

When I started studying Japanese, I studied on my own through web pages and watching videos on YouTube. Although I felt that I was learning, I was not achieving the results I wanted. So, I got serious and looked for classes with a Japanese teacher. Googling the website that most caught my attention and that looked most reliable was Nihongo-Pro.

In the beginning I was not sure how good the online Japanese lessons would be . I had a test session with Steve, a very nice support person, where we discussed my goals and how to achieve them. After that I had my trial lesson with Ogihara Aki sensei.

The classes with Ogihara sensei are superb: her Japanese lessons are entertaining, and she is a gentle and patient teacher. Her teaching method is 100% efficient and helped me realize the need for an experienced and native teacher in the language. Also, Ogihara sensei speaks Spanish fluently, which I appreciate as a Spanish native speaker myself. Thanks to the motivation and support that Ogihara sensei has given me during classes and with extra work, I have managed to increase my level of Japanese very quickly and meet my goals. Now I am preparing for the JLPT and I am sure I will score a perfect 100!

Finally, let me add that I highly recommend Nihongo-Pro; the teaching platform is very good and technological. It is easy to use and share information, even practice kanji with ProPad.

Pablo G.
(studente di Aki OGIHARA)
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