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Nihongo-Pro has been great for both JLPT prep and casual Japanese conversation practice.
I have been taking Japanese lessons with Nihongo-Pro roughly once a week (with a few hiatuses) for over 7 years. When I started I had 2 years of basic Japanese from college and I just wanted to brush up before a trip to Japan, but I’ve enjoyed my lessons so much I’ve kept going!

I really like how flexible it is: you can tailor the lessons to your level and schedule, and your personal goals. Over the years I’ve done everything from intensive JLPT prep to just casual Japanese conversation practice, and Nihongo-Pro has been great for both.

I’ve worked with two different teachers and they have both been excellent. I’ve done supplemental kanji practice on my own, but with just that and Nihongo-Pro I’ve gone from very basic knowledge to passing the N2 (currently about 50-60% on N1 practice tests) and being able to read novels in Japanese. I definitely recommend Nihongo-Pro.

Nihongo-Pro is a convenient learning platform and a great teacher is the icing on the cake.
I really appreciate Araki Sensei ability to go “above and beyond” for her students.

I started taking offline lessons from Araki-Sensei in Hawaii. It was my first time learning Japanese. Araki-Sensei made the learning environment very engaging from the beginning. I went from knowing zero in Nihongo to being able to read, write in hiragana, katakana, and beginner Kanji, as well as listen and speak at a beginner level.

I relocated from Hawaii to Maryland, and then continued learning on my own. This wasn’t working. So, I reached out to Araki-Sensei and learned she was teaching online Japanese lessons at Nihongo-Pro. I once again started taking classes and my knowledge base is again on the rise. I have a hectic schedule but Araki-Sensei works with my free time.

The classes feel more like friendly meetups with structure. We start the class with personal speaking, for a few minutes, in Japanese. This is to get me used to speaking at normal speed in Japanese with everyday topics, not just simple phrases like ”これはペンです”.

I would recommend anyone at any level to schedule a Japanese class with Araki-Sensei. The class will be enjoyable, informative, structured (depending on what your goals are), and 楽しい.

Araki-Sensei, hontoo-ni arigatoo gozaimasu.