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My Nihongo-Pro teacher is adept at helping me achieve my Japanese language goals.
I have taken lessons with Nakano-sensei for nearly a year and a half. Nakano-sensei carefully balances lesson time between reading, writing, speaking and listening. She quickly discerned my strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the JLPT and helped me accordingly. %READ_MORE%

Nihongo-Pro’s software is exceptional: It is simple to use and the choice of screen colours is easy on my eyes. I feel the whiteboard feature is a necessity when studying Japanese along with textbooks; a mere dialogue box for presenting lesson materials would be insufficient.

Nihongo-Pro’s software has lacked only one feature important in the study of Japanese: the ability for the instructor to prove the student’s handwriting of Japanese characters. I am pleased to hear of the new KakikataPad soon to be available for the Nihongo-Pro classroom.

Nihongo-Pro is the most convenient way to learn Japanese.
I have been studying Japanese on Nihongo-Pro with Ogihara Sensei for more than three years. This is one of the best platforms because it is flexible and convenient. Before the 2020 pandemic, I had to travel frequently for work and using Nihongo-Pro ensures that I don’t miss a lesson. I could be in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Bangkok, Sydney or Vancouver and I can still learn on the go.

My lessons with Ogihara Sensei are always fun. The format is flexible—sometimes we follow a textbook or exercises that Sensei has prepared, sometimes we just talk about topics that are current, anything from films, books, TV shows, news and even songs! There were lessons where Sensei explained the lyrics of my favourite Japanese songs – the ones that are poetic and use a lot of Kanji. And there were lessons where we worked on writing my favourite recipes in Japanese ;-)

I even met up with Ogihara Sensei when I visited her city. She is like a good friend. I learned not only the Japanese language but most importantly the Japanese culture. I recommend Nihongo-Pro and Ogihara Sensei to anyone who wants to further their Japanese studies.