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Nihongo-Pro exceeds my expectations in teachers and technology.
I have been taking private lessons at Nihongo-Pro since the beginning, and I must say that this language school completely answered my expectations.

First, it's not easy to find a lesson time suitable for both teacher and student when they live thousands of kilometers apart.

I am a 53-year old European student, and, due to job commitments, I can take lessons only on weekday evenings. With Nihongo-Pro, I had no schedule problems at all, since my teacher lives in the U.S., which gives me many more scheduling options than with teachers living in Japan.

Having tried several languages schools in the past, I really appreciate the high quality of Nihongo-Pro's classroom software. Really well-thought out and extremely easy to use. There were extremely few technical problems, and they were solved very quickly thanks to quick support. The classroom software is always improving and evolving, too, with new features.

Now about teaching: I am really happy about the lessons (several dozen already!) I have taken with Fujiwara-sensei.

Intermediate level is a tough step, where you have to find your way through the intricacies and subtleties of intermediate-level Japanese grammar, as well as spoken Japanese, which differs quite a lot from the "proper" didactic language you learn at elementary level.

At the intermediate level, understanding often depends on nuances and on your acquaintance with Japanese culture. Fujiwara sensei is a wonderful guide: She gives careful thought to how to explain the difficult points of Japanese, and she always works painstakingly to answer my questions, to provide the best examples, to show the differences between similar words or grammatical structures.

When you take private lessons, the quality of human contact between teacher and student is essential. When I take a lesson at Nihongo-Pro, I am pleased to meet both an excellent teacher and a friend.

I highly recommend trying a lesson, and you'll see the difference between Nihongo-Pro and the other Japanese resources...
After three years of self-directed study of Japanese, I decided I needed help.While I had learned kanji, vocabulary and some grammar, I knew that I had yet to achieve my goal of being able to speak Japanese casually. For help, I turned to Nihongo-Pro.

Over the past six months, my weekly lessons with Yamamoto Sensei have improved my understanding of Japanese grammar and challenged me in the best way to grow my understanding and fluency of Japanese. I am encouraged by what I have learned so far, and I am confident that my goals are within reach.

There are many resources available for free and at a cost to help you learn Japanese—I've tried many of them—but being able to ask Yamamoto Sensei specific questions as they come up in our classes, get real-time feedback, and have a learning strategy tailored to my level are the advantages of studying Japanese through Nihongo-Pro. I highly recommend trying a lesson, and you'll see the difference between Nihongo-Pro and the other Japanese resources out there. Best of luck in your Japanese studies!