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Want to learn Japanese? Start with Nihongo-Pro!
In December 2020, I finished the 100th Japanese lesson with Kawamura-sensei at Nihongo-Pro. I started studying Japanese in 2018. Although I live in a mid-size U.S. city, there are few options when it comes to learning the language. Adding to that, I value the convenience of online Japanese learning.

Nihongo-Pro provides what I need exceptionally at an affordable price. Their set up is easy and their online learning platform gives me a wonderful learning experience especially under the guidance of my teacher, Kawamura-sensei.

Kawamura-sensei is experienced and patient. Besides following the curriculum outlined by the Genki textbook series, I learn a lot about Japan and its culture through my casual conversation with Kawamura-sensei. Little by little, I have become more confident in reading, speaking and writing Japanese. As a result, I have decided to work harder and attempt JLPT N5 in about 6 months! I hope someday I will be able to read the work by some of my favorite Japanese writers in their native tongue.

Nihongo-Pro has been invaluable in my journey learning Japanese.
I found that the prices are spot and very reasonable for the amazing Nihongo-Pro instructors. I have been a student of Katano-sensei and it has been an eye opener to me—not only in the teaching of the Japanese language but also the context behind it. The context is essential when you’re trying to understand terms that are different from your own culture.

Also, Nihongo-Pro support is spot on, so if you have any questions or problems, they will answer you back promptly.

To sum it all up, Nihongo-Pro is an amazing place to learn Japanese and I will be sticking by them for the long haul. I have simply not found anything that comes close to what Nihongo-Pro offers, so don’t think about it, sign up—you won’t regret it.