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How to Enroll in Private Lessons
Complete the New Student Enrollment Form. We will then send you a link to a trial-lesson questionnaire.
After you fill out the questionnaire, we will match you with a Nihongo-Pro teacher and set up a trial lesson at no charge.
If you like your trial lesson, buy lesson tickets to continue learning Japanese online.
Each ticket, good for one 50-minute private lesson with the same teacher who taught your trial lesson, costs US $28 to $35, depending on how many tickets you buy.
Messaggio da studente Nihongo-Pro
I really recommend Nagata-sensei and Nihongo-Pro for learners of Japanese.
I have been a student of Nagata-sensei’s for the past year and am very satisfied with my online Japanese lessons at Nihongo-Pro.

I’ve learnt a lot from Nagata-sensei; in particular, her explanations of grammar and vocabulary are excellent: exact and clear with no superfluity. Time and time again she seems to know exactly how to explain something to me and/or give me useful examples.

Nagata-sensei is always well-prepared, constantly encourages me to ask questions and always delivers clear, thoughtful and helpful answers. In addition, her classes really helped me pass the JLPT N2.

James W.
(studente di Nagata sensei)
Messaggio da studente Nihongo-Pro
Araki-sensei is great—infinite patience and encouragement, and engaging lessons!
Araki-sensei has been incredibly accommodating and flexible with our lesson structure. In my case, general conversation practice and weekly readings from my choice of manga.

We have discussed everything from Japanese virtual youtubers, to daikon prep, to the best ways of drying a cat after a bath. So far, we have read Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto and are working our way through Osamu Tezuka’s classic Hi no Tori. So fun!

Araki-sensei is great—infinite patience and encouragement, and engaging lessons! The sustained weekly practice has improved all aspects of my Japanese, as well as my confidence. It makes all the difference.

I look forward to my lesson every week. Highly recommended!

Tina J.
(studente di Araki sensei)
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