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How to Enroll in Private Lessons
Complete the New Student Enrollment Form. We will then send you a link to a trial-lesson questionnaire.
After you fill out the questionnaire, we will match you with a Nihongo-Pro teacher and set up a trial lesson at no charge.
If you like your trial lesson, buy lesson tickets to continue learning Japanese online.
Each ticket, good for one 50-minute private lesson with the same teacher who taught your trial lesson, costs US $28 to $35, depending on how many tickets you buy.
Messaggio da studente Nihongo-Pro
Nihongo-Pro is super convenient!
I've studied Japanese for the past 25 years, including living in Japan for six of those years. I've studied at five different Japanese language schools, but my online private lessons with Nagatomi-sensei have been the best experience out of them all.

First, Nagatomi-sensei is very professional. She is a full-time Japanese language instructor in Japan. During our first class, Nagatomi-sensei asked me how I liked to learn. What methods in the past worked well for me? I like learning Japanese through current events, as well as reading about historically significant Japanese from the past. She recommended two text books that perfectly met this goal. Each week, we cover new vocabulary and grammar by reading topical news stories as well as short biographies of famous Japanese.

Nihongo-Pro is also super convenient. I travel a lot for my work. But I can always log on to Nihongo Pro and get my lesson no matter where I am in the world. This solution works for me. It will work for you, too!

David S.
(studente di Fusayo NAGATOMI)
Messaggio da studente Nihongo-Pro
I cannot believe how much Japanese I have been able to learn in a short time.
I found Nihongo-Pro after being enrolled in a 3-month online, intensive Japanese course provided by a language school in Tokyo. I had no exposure to the Japanese language prior to the class, and although we covered a good deal of material, I found myself needing to understand the structure of the language and to have some explanation of what I was learning. After researching multiple options, I selected Nihongo-Pro for a trial.

My first introduction to Nihongo-Pro was via a sound check from Steve. The sound check provided so much more than just verifying the technology would work. I learned so much about learning Japanese, cultural features in the study, and Nihongo-Pro’s options.

I was paired with my current teacher Michiko Nakano sensei. I have been taking regular Japanese lessons for three months and have learned so much in these past months. Michiko sensei is kind, patient, and has an astute ability to see precisely where my learning difficulties are. She gently helps me understand and focus on these areas. Additionally, she is quick to point out areas of strength and to reinforce all of the learning we are doing together regularly. Following each lesson, she provides me with a “lesson file” which includes the material covered and any new vocabulary. I am then able to review the lesson and vocabulary to reinforce the study. I cannot believe how much Japanese I have been able to learn in a short time. Although I have so much more to learn, I am well launched on understanding some of the fundamentals of the Japanese language through my studies with Michiko sensei.

Michiko sensei is not only a gifted teacher, she is also a warm and interesting person, willing to share her own experiences both in the United States and in Japan. She is open and personable and highly flexible. When a topic arises such as dining at a Japanese restaurant, sports, or where my travels in Japan will take me, she is quick to produce a link in the online classroom to enhance my understanding and experience. I have also found her flexible with re-scheduling classes, when my schedule does not allow me to take the class at my regular time.

A note about Nihongo-Pro would not be complete without a word about Steve. He has been extremely responsive regarding any issues related to technology or administration. I also found him incredibly personable and engaging, helpful, and generous with his time. To anyone looking for online Japanese lessons, I would recommend Nihongo-Pro and Michiko sensei without a moment’s hesitation.

Joanna B.
(studente di Michiko NAKANO)
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