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Nihongo-Pro è una scuola di giapponese online.

Messaggio da studente Nihongo-Pro
Drinking my way to Japanese conversation? ... in a totally responsible manner.
For the last eight years or so I’ve been living in a small Swiss village: more cows than inhabitants, lot of nature and zero entertainment. Naturally, one starts drinking to fight the boredom. Well, at least it’s quite natural given my Russian background. In Russia drinking is considered to be a social activity—hence you need at least two people to drink in a socially acceptable manner (or drink responsibly). It’s however quite difficult to find a reliable drinking partner in a small village overcrowded with hard-working Swiss farmers and their milk cows…

One day I had to attend a—I can’t remember exactly what it is called, but it was one these brain-washing, team-building things every company nowadays tortures their employees with. We started with a short introduction round—name, hobby, etc. Of course, everybody had model hobbies like hiking or reading or reading while hiking.

Everyone except this one Japanese guy, who said without any false modesty: “My hobby is drinking.”

So, he and I started drinking together. Regularly. Meaning almost every day. But in a totally responsible manner.

One thing led to another—or, to be more precise, drinking together led to cultural exchange—or, to be absolutely precise, he started drinking Russian vodka and I started learning Japanese. It was fun, but I wasn’t really making much progress in Japanese, although I was (and still am) quite committed to learning the language. Maybe I wasn’t focused enough though…

Thanks to Nihongo-Pro I discovered that one can learn Japanese without drinking! What a mind-blowing experience! Well, to be honest, with Araki-sensei we quite often talk about food and drinks, but so far we have managed to remain sober.

The most amazing thing though is that online Japanese lessons with Araki-sensei actually, really help. Before my first lesson I was, let’s say, a bit concerned whether I’d be able to understand anything, but right from the first minutes, Araki-sensei involved me in a conversation I couldn’t even imagine I was capable of. But by means of some voodoo magic (or maybe due to Araki-sensei’s experience?) all of a sudden I realized that I can be quite talkative, even in Japanese.

It has been almost a year since our first lesson. The only disadvantage of online lessons I have discovered so far is that one can’t drink together with the teacher. But collaboration technology and tools are rapidly improving, so I’m pretty sure the day will come when Araki-sensei and I will have an online Japanese class while drinking. Of course, in a totally responsible manner.

Leonid Pavlov
(studente di Yuko ARAKI)
  • Impara il giapponese online con lezioni private tenute da insegnanti giapponesi professionisti.
  • Vedi e parla con il tuo insegnante Nihongo-pro durante la tua lezione di giapponese online.
  • Collega la cuffia e impara il giapponese online con insegnanti veri!

Perchè gli studenti scelgono Nihongo-Pro:

  • Velocità impari velocemente grazie a lezioni private
  • Flessibilità segui le tue lezioni private di giapponese in base al tuo programma
  • Convenienza Potrai seguire le lezioni online di giapponese a partire da € 18
  • Successo potrai raggiungere i tuoi obbiettivi nello studio della lingua giapponese

In più, Nihongo-pro si prende cura dei suoi insegnanti e dei suoi studenti offrendo lezioni di giapponese online condotte con competenza, un software apposito per la prenotazione e per la classe, e con le modalità con la quale le lezioni vengono condotte.


Che il tuo obbiettivo sia la preparazione al JLPT, imparare il giapponese per lavoro, apprendere le basi della lingua giapponese, o studiare giapponese online solo per hobby, gli insegnanti Nihongo-pro ti aiuteranno a raggiungere i tuoi traguardi.

Hiroba social forum
「超楽しかった!満足!」だそうです :) https://tgs.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2023/jp/
日本に来て、たくさん勉強した日本語が話せました。実際に、私の日本語の先生は私に「もうペラペラになりましたよ!」と言ってました 8) 山本先生が滋賀県とか滋賀の近く県に行ったら、ぜひ会ってみますよ! :) でも、大阪府か京都府に会ったら、道を迷うことについて心配しています。はい、滋賀からは、名古屋も京都も大阪も、日帰りで旅行ができます。[/font][/color][/size]






Mauriceさんはアメリカにいる時から、とても熱心に日本語を勉強していましたね。日本に来て、勉強した日本語をたくさんoutputできていますか。私は滋賀に行ったことがありません。滋賀のおすすめをごぞんじの方は、ぜひ「ひろば」で教えてくださいね。滋賀からは、名古屋も京都も大阪も、日帰りで旅行ができるそうですね。日本にいるうちに、ぜひ色々なところに行ってみてください :D
皆さん、こんにちは!お久しぶりですね。お元気ですか?1月6から日4月21日まで私は日本の滋賀県に留学しています。今日本にいる時に色々な場所に行きました。日本の生活が楽しんでいます。日本にいることが考えるたびに、2020年6月から2022年まで全部の取った「日本語プロ」のレッスンについて覚えています。山本先生のおかげで、日本に行けました。山本先生に会わなかったら、日本語が全然話せませんでした。日本にも全然行けませんでした。山本先生に会ってよかったです。山本先生、本当にありがとうございました :) モリス・レジス


1月6日4月21日まで私は日本の滋賀県に留学しています。今日本にいる時に色々な場所に行きました :) 日本の生活が楽しんでいます 8)


私はI can't help falling in loveをおすすめします。



教えてくれてありがとうございました :)
先生のメッセージをもらってから、どちらのエルビス・プレスリーの歌を考えていました。そして、「好きにならずにいられない」I Can't Help Falling in LoveとかIf I can Dreamを歌ってみることはどちらがおすすめしますか?

私が高校生のとき、音楽の教科書にLove Me Tenderがありました。音楽の授業でみんなで歌いました。私は A Little Less Conversationが好きです。
中でも「好きにならずにいられない」Can't Help Falling In Loveや「ラブ・ミー・テンダー」Love Me Tenderなどのバラードはとても人気がありますよ。



私は大学にいるうちに、忙しかったです。今学期は中級の日本語の授業と言語学の授業と日本の文化について授業を取っています。そして、大学にいる間にマッサージサロンで働いています。でも、心配しなくてもいいです :)





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