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Beginner Japanese Grammar: Asking Questions (Doo, Dore, Dono)

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Here's a free beginner Japanese quiz from the expert teachers at Nihongo-Pro. New quizzes are available every day at several skill levels. Take the Nihongo-Pro quiz challenge every day, from your PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad, iPod, or tablet, and learn Japanese online for free!

This quiz will help you learn how to ask basic questions in Japanese, such as "Do you see something from the window?" Practice your skills in asking questions like these, and your Japanese conversation will sound more natural and polished.

Learning Japanese isn't hard—it just takes practice and patience. If you spend just a few minutes a day, every day, learning Japanese, your skill in the language will improve quickly and steadily.

The free Japanese quizzes at Nihongo-Pro are a great addition to your study plan. Make a habit of taking a new beginner quiz every day—maybe even try an intermediate Japanese quiz once in a while.

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どう きく??

(  )に (なに)を いれますか

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 A (きょうしつ)(  ) いますか。 
 B  いいえ、だれもいません。
A きのう、デパートで(  )()いましたか。  
B はい、かばんを()いました。
A  きのう、(  ) ()きましたか。  
B はい、ともだちの (いえ)に ()きました。 
A (  )(さけ)が すきですか。  
B わたしは ビールが すきです。
A まどから (  ) ()えますか。  
B はい、(うみ)が ()えます。
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