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More JLPT N2 Vocabulary (Intermediate Japanese Quiz)

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Are you planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2? If so, you know that a knowledge of about 5,000 Japanese vocabulary words is essential for success.

Or, even if you are not studying for the JLPT N2, you'll still find JLPT N2 vocabulary used everyday in Japanese writing and conversation.

Try this free Japanese quiz to see how much JLPT N2 vocabulary you already know. Then, check back every day for a new intermediate Japanese quiz, and watch your Japanese skills grow and grow!

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JLPT N2 語彙


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(しょうひん)はご   にお(おく)りします。
のマンションには、   カメラがついています。
だちと(しょくじ)するは、いつも   です。
くために、(せいかつひ)   して(ちょきん)しています。
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