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Beginning Japanese: Choose the Right Word

Free Japanese Quizzes Every Day—Learn Japanese Online for Free!

Here's a free beginner Japanese quiz from the expert teachers at Nihongo-Pro. New quizzes are available every day at several skill levels. Take the Nihongo-Pro quiz challenge every day, from your PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad, iPod, or tablet, and learn Japanese online for free!

A mini-test of your Japanese vocabulary awaits you below. See if you can choose the right word for each Japanese sentence.

To increase your Japanese vocabulary, the key is practice and patience! Flashcards are a great technique, but, rather than cramming in a hour or more once a week, it's best to study every day, even if just a few minutes. Your brain will absorb the new Japanese words much faster, and you will be flying into intermediate Japanese in no time!

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ただしい ことばは どれ?

ただしい ことばを ひとつ えらんでください。

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(まえ)から    めの (せき)です。
(こんど)、うちに (あそ)びに    
それは     ()いました。
(とっきゅう)で どれくらい    か。
(いもうと)は、    (ほん)を ()みません。
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