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Beginning Japanese Kanji

Try New Japanese Quizzes Every Day—Free for Everyone!

Here's a free beginner Japanese quiz from the expert teachers at Nihongo-Pro. New quizzes are available every day at several skill levels. Take the Nihongo-Pro quiz challenge every day, from your PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad, iPod, or tablet, and learn Japanese online for free!

If you are learning Japanese, you are probably studying (or should be studying!) Kanji, too. If you plan to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), or just read some Japanese for pleasure, learning to read Kanji is essential.

Japanese uses about 2,000 Kanji characters in everyday publications. That may seem like a huge hurdle to reading Japanese, but the truth is you can start reading a lot of Japanese by knowing just a few hundred characters.

Spend just a few minutes every day practicing reading Japanese, using Kanji flash cards, or—best of all, writing Kanji—and you will be surprised at how quickly you are able to learn these Japanese characters and their readings.

To learn Japanese online, why not consider online private lessons at Nihongo-Pro? Our native-speaking Japanese teachers will guide you professionally with private lessons customized just for you.

Plus, no other online Japanese school can match our online Japanese classroom with features specifically designed for learning Japanese online.

Maybe we'll see in you in class one day! Either way, Nihongo-Pro staff and teachers wish you the best luck in learning Japanese. Ganbatte!


  の かんじを よんでください。

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は です。
いちねんで が いちばん すきです。
(えき)まで  かかりますか。 
(まど)を けましょうか。
 ともだちと で あそびます。
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