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Fun with Japanese particles: Fit the particle to the verb

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Particles are one of the trickier parts of Japanese grammar. In Japanese, the particle attached to another word indicates how that word is being used in the sentence. If you use the wrong particle, the whole meaning changes, and you might wind up with a quizzical look from your Japanese listener. Thankfully, there are just a few basic particles in Japanese. If you learn how to use this small number correctly, your Japanese will shine.

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じょし (particle) + どうし (verb)

つぎの   の「どうし」verbといっしょに つかう「じょし」particleはどれですか。  
Select the correct joshi (particle) to go with the underlined verb.

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にほんごのほん  よみます
きのう、ともだち  あいました
パンとたまご  たべます
おちゃ  のみます
デパート  かいものします
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